We are really glad to announce that we will be part of the next EBSA Conference (The Annual Conference of the European Biosafety Association) that will take place in Copenhagen, from 17th to 20th of April.

The EBSA Conference is one of the major global Biosafety and Biosecurity events of the year.
During the Pre-Conference a broad selection of courses as well as a lot of high impact debates will be provided. The goal of the Conference is to provide a meeting in which the professionals can discuss the challenges that arise as a consequence of changing environments, emerging infectious diseases, developing risk assessment concepts and new technologies. The Conference is a forum for dialogue and comparison for professionals that work in this fields, from students to specialized experts.

Our presentation will focus on the mid-term account and findings of EU CBRN Coe Project 46 – Component 2, Project 46 being three-year program that aims to increase the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) capacities of South East Asia in addressing CBRN risk mitigation. Among Project 46 – Component 2 main features and strengths are the enlargement of the target audience for bio-risk management education to architecture, engineering and design experts, and the establishment of a multidisciplinary well-grounded network of trainers.

Our attendance in the EBSA Conference is important not only to us but also to all the experts that are working in this project.
We are looking forward to be part of it!


Learn more about EBSA Conference here.

Learn more about Project 46 here.




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