Shortage of vaccines for Yellow Fever Outbreak in Angola

Angola is currently experiencing difficulties in dealing with the most recent outbreak of yellow fever, a disease which is now feared to be spreading to other countries, including China. The outbreak started in December 2015 in the capital city of Luanda and has so far spread to 6 others provinces, causing more than 198 deaths.

Yellow fever is a disease transmitted by the same mosquito responsible for the spreading of Zika and it is usually present in tropical areas of Africa and Latin America. Symptoms include: fatigue, fever, vomiting, muscle pain and nausea.

The most effective treatment for this disease is the implementing of preventive measures, that is, vaccinations, and, in fact, vaccination campaigns have so far proven to be effective; nevertheless, the stockpile of vaccines is quickly shortening and the country needs about 1.5 million doses more than it has available. In addition to that, health organizations are finding increasing difficulties in providing help for dealing with the outbreak because a large number of mosquito-diseases experts are already working on preventing the spreading of Zika in the main affected areas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a series of precautions for travelers.
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