The role of women in global health security challenges

“While gender mainstreaming is a novel topic as related to health security […] we believe that ensuring women’s empowerment in national and global health security governance and strategic planning may serve to underwrite international peace and security at a time when new approaches are sought to counter grave and persistent WMD threats and violent extremism as well as enhance global capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious diseases threats”.

The necessity for applying a “gender-balanced lens” in global health security matters, with the aim of empowering women also through active participation in the decision-making processes in the fields of counterterrorism and WMD non-proliferation, an environment in which women are still underrepresented, is what is being argued by Dr. M. D. Perkins and Col. E. Burkett in a new article published in the 2016 Spring Edition of the Global Health and Diplomacy Journal.

Considering the acknowledged importance of the role played by women in dealing with security issues in their societies, their full engagement on the international political level remains of the outmost importance.

The latest edition of the Global Health and Diplomacy Journal is available on The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy website; read the full article (pp. 12 – 20) here

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