EDCTP ENDORSE T-t-T Phase implemented in Gulu Regional Referral Hospital

Thanks to the great auspices of the hospital administration, devotion of the trainers and attentiveness of the participants ENDORSE Train the Trainers (T-t-T) Phase 2 course has been successfully implemented in Gulu Regional Referral Hospital premises between 27 to 28 of July 2017. The training course was delivered by ENDORSE T-t-T Phase 1 alumni and implemented for the benefit of 12 pre-selected participants comprised clinical and laboratory personnel of the hospital.

By virtue of the teaching and knowledge sharing skills trainers gained during adult learning sessions in ENDORSE Phase 1, during this 2 days training course, Phase 2 participants were fully engaged with both theoretical and practical sessions. At the end of the training course, participants clearly expressed their willingness to continue this training course starting with a Continuing Medical Education Programme for their other colleagues at the hospital, which will ensure the cascade effect of the ENDORSE Project in the region.

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