EU CBRN CoE Project 46 – Work Package 5 Country Mission – Philippines 11-15 December 2017

The fourth Country Mission organized in the framework of Work Package 5 of the EU CBRN CoE Project 46, started the last 11th December 2017 in the Philippines.

Our Key Expert 2, Dr. Philippe Stroot, together with the International Short Term Expert Dr. Philippe Le Coustumer will be visiting several different facilities in the country, for the purposes of Work Package 5. Beyond the visits, several meetings with the relevant ministries and organizations will take place during the week, until Friday 15th December 2017. These activities, will be the occasion for our experts to gain a thorough understanding of the biological waste management procedures in the Philippines.

The site visit has been organized with the support of the National Focal Point of PhilippinesCol. José Embang, and his team. Engr. Leo Bilazon, from the RITM, is guiding the team in all the different visits. We wish to thank the whole team for the great support offered for the organization of the visit, and we wish to our experts a fruitful week of work in Philippines.

The key activities of EU CBRN CoE P46 Work Package 5 are:

  • Identificationof key stakeholders involved in biological waste management
  • Collection of informationon the biological waste management process and relevant risk assessment in each country
  • Drafting tailor-made guidance materialon biological waste management
  • Needs-based trainingon biological waste management

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