Short nameSCIDA
Title: Studio e messa punto di nuovi prodotti pro- e pre-biotici per la prevenzione ed il trattamento di patologie infiammatorie quali la sindrome del colon irritabile e la dermatite atopica (SCIDA)
Geographical Scope: Lombardia (Italy)
Duration: 3 years
Role: Partner
Consortium SANOFI, ITB-CNR, BiCT, ROELMI HPC SRL, Italbiotec, UNIMI, ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco
Contracting Authority: Regione Lombardia


The purpose of the project is to study and develop new pro- and prebiotic products for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and atopic dermatitis (AD).


The objectives of the project will be accomplished through the following activities:

  1. Definition of a microbiota and metabolic signature of IBS and AD:
    Building of a Database containing the most relevant data resulting from scientific literature and in particular from the clinical trials published so far in which is reported the use and efficacy of probiotics against IBS and AD.
  2. Identification of specific targets for preventative and therapeutic treatment of IBS and AD:
    Comprehensive study on the composition of the microbiome of a large group of Lombard patients with IBS or AD together with a reference group of patients, in order to study the metabolic mechanisms characterizing the disbiosis of microbiome which often underpins the onset and the chronicity of IBS and AD.
  3. Development and validation of new pre- and probiotic products for the prevention and treatment of IBS and AD:
    Test of the new products on animal models of IBS and AD in order to determine their effectiveness in maintaining a low level of inflammation.
  4. Scale up and industrialization:
    Analysis of all the significant parameters of the industrial process, from raw materials to ongoing and final evaluations. Regulatory aspects will also be considered, implementing and carrying out the registration tests required to place the products on the market.


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