CLIMVIB BSL-3 facilities consists of two different labs. While the first one is in the old headquarters and it is now used for training purposes, the second one has been launched in July 2014 and it is mainly used for diagnostic purposes. The new BSL-3 laboratory abides by the highest international safety and security standards. It has a Class II B biosafety cabinet and other safety features include a negative pressure environment, sealed surfaces, a double-door autoclave, and an anteroom where personal protective equipment is put on. Such facility is used for different activities including the study of mycobacteria drug resistance, work with class 3 pathogens like Coxiella burnetti, Burkholderia mallei, Francisella tularensis, West Nile virus, as well as for any other activity that requires BSL-3 safety and security standards according to both the facility risk assessment and the relevant regulations. The entire laboratory staff is trained to safely work in the BSL-3 lab.