The Unit of Clinical Parasitology is mostly concerned with the morphological identification of intestinal parasites, blood and other districts by direct examination or culture.
Moreover, it carries out morphological and biochemical identification of yeasts and molds and antifungal susceptibility testing for yeasts isolated in blood culture.
Further activities of the Unit of Parasitology include the following:
– Serology for antibodies specific to: Strongyloides Schistosoma, Echinococcus, E. histolytica, Toxocara, Leishmania, Galactomannan.
– Detection of antigens: Cryptococcus, Plasmodium, E. histolytica, Giardia spp, Cryptosporidium spp, Schistosoma spp
– Detection of Leishmania spp DNA in peripheral blood, by using biomolecular tests.