University of Milan 
L. Sacco’ Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
Medicine and Surgery
Course of Microbiology

The student will learns the fundamentals related to the structural and molecular organization and the functions of all the infectious agents of medical interest (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasite) with particular regard to the factors that control the development, the growth, the metabolic activities and the production of virulence factors. At the end of the course the student will be able to describe the most relevant morphological, metabolic, antigen characteristics, the pathogenic mechanisms and the way of transmission of the infectious pathogens and will acquire the knowledge of the relation between microorganisms and their host in human infections, as well as the relevant defense mechanisms. The acquired knowledge will allow the student to evaluate the pathogenic role of infectious agents and will furnish the essential basis for the study of clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, chemotherapy and hygiene.

University of Milan
L. Sacco’ Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
Medicine and Surgery
Course of Pathogenesis and Diagnosis

The course include 4 modules:
– Diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy
– Clinical biochemistry and molecular biology clinic
– Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology
– General pathology

As for the module of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology, the student will learn the following among others:
– main differences between microorganisms and viruses;
– principal characteristic of pathogenicity and virulence of microorganisms;
– host factors able to influence the infectious process;
– main sterilization and disinfection/sanitization processes;
– main principles for the taking and transport of biological samples;
– main direct and indirect microbiological investigations;
– ultrastructure and functions of different components of bacterial cells;
– hospital acquired infections: definition, risk factors and main pathogens.
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