“Luigi Sacco” University Hospital is a teaching hospital serving about 345.000 people. Every year, in our 507 beds 17.000 patients are hospitalized in ordinary regime and 7500 patients in day hospital.

The outpatients performance every year is more than 2 millions. In our first aid unit 52.000 patients enter every year and 8.500 surgeries are performed in the 16 operating rooms.
Thanks to the work of 387 medical doctors an 737 nurses, Sacco is recognized as a national center of clinical excellence in specific areas including infectious diseases, rheumatology, gastroenterology, cardio-surgery, pediatrics and clinical pharmacology.

The hospital also offers a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services in a variety of clinical specialties.
The institution is a centre of excellence in biomedical research with laboratories equipped with advanced technology platforms for nanomedicine, gene profiling, molecular and cellular biology, bioinformatics, pharmacogenomics and pharmacokinetics. Among the excellences of L. Sacco University Hospital, the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases is to be mentioned. Moreover, the hospital participates in international, national and regional programmes on cardiologic emergency, prevention, infectivology and in several national and international research projects. The unique characteristics of the hospital make it an attractive partner for preclinical and clinical research units and organizations involved in the development of new drugs.

The research facilities and the high technological infrastructure in the clinical departments (all major specializations are covered) guarantee multidisciplinary expertise and facilities at the forefront of modern biomedical research. Moreover, the hospital is a centre of high-level university teaching both at the graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level with independent on-site degrees from the University of Milan in Medicine and Surgery. As a top Italian university in the major international rakings, University of Milan offers a high quality teaching in a broad spectrum of fields and it is the only Italian University among the 21 members of LERU.

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