Providing effective safety training and mentoring is a cornerstone of biosafety and is universally instituted in academia, government and industry. Our experts provide training in Italy and worldwide at all biosafety levels, for all skill levels of people in the lab (novice, practitioners, experts) as well as support staff (housekeeping, administrators, managers, etc). Our programs use adult training and interactive techniques that enhance the learning experience.

Laboratory Emergency Response Training
In addition to laboratory safety issues, laboratory personnel should be familiar with what to do in an emergency. Bridging the gap between high-containment laboratories and emergency responders is an essential step for emergency preparedness. Our Laboratory Emergency Response Training course is designed to increase awareness and decrease risk perceptions associated with high-containment laboratory environments. This program reduces fears and discusses how work is done safely within high-containment laboratories. Course topics include evacuation procedures; emergency shutdown procedures—equipment shutdown and materials that should be stored safely; communications during an emergency—what to expect, where to call or look for information; how and when to use a fire extinguisher; security issues; protocol for absences due to travel restrictions or illness; safe practices for power outage; shelter in place; handling suspicious mail or phone calls; laboratory-specific protocols relating to emergency planning and response; handling violent behavior in the workplace; first-aid and CPR training, including automated external defibrillator training if available.

Emergency Preparedness Excercises
Our team develops and facilitates emergency response exercises for universities, hospitals, laboratories, and business organizations. The exercises include table-top and tactical scenarios – challenging the emergency response team to think ‘outside the box’ and respond appropriately. Upon conclusion of the exercises, we provide a summary report with detailed recommendations for emergency preparedness and response improvement.
An organization must work with local/ national emergency responders to establish a critical partnership prior to any emergency situation. Our program is designed to bridge the gap and engage police, fire, and EMS professionals with organizational leaders

Risk Communication Workshop
Our experts facilitate a Risk Communication workshop developed to increase the ability within an organization to communicate internally and externally during crisis and emergency situations. After completing this program, participants will be able to either increase or decrease “mental noise” – the greatest influencer of behaviour within the audience they serve.
This program will assess the scientific level of risk, identify your communication goals, and customize a communications approach with your staff to achieve optimal organizational results.

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