CBRN CoE Project 3

Short name: CBRN CoE Project 3
Title: Knowledge Development And Transfer Of Best Practice On Bio-Safety/Bio-Security/Bio-Risk Management
Geographical Scope: International (African Atlantic Façade, North Africa, South East Asia, South East Europe, the Southern Caucasus, Moldova and Ukraine).
Participating Countries: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM), Gabon, Georgia, Lao PDR, Libya, Mauritania, Moldova, Morocco, Myanmar, Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, Vietnam.
Duration: 24 months
Role: Partner (WP4 SEA Regional Coordinator, Technical body)
Consortium Leader: Insubria Center on International Security (ICIS)
Contracting Authority: EU Commission with the support of UNICRI


1.Promote sustainable knowledge development on bio-safety, bio-security and bio-risk management;
2.Transfer best practices through a train-the-trainers model;
3.Develop a sustainable training system applicable to a broad range of countries and govern structures;
4.Improve inter-agency and inter-regional cooperation;
5.Harmonization with international standards.


Project 3 in the SEA region envisages the participation of 16 qualified and selected National Experts (NEs) from 8 South East Asian countries, who follow an E-learning Training throughout the duration of the Project (December 2013 – March 2015) along with two In-presence Intensive Courses on bio-safety, bio-security, bio-risk management and transfer of best practices. The first In-presence Intensive Course took place in Como (Italy) from the 3rd to the 7th of March 2014, while the second In-presence Course will be held in Milan (Italy) form the 22nd to the 26th of September. Following the In-presence phase, a final stage will begin, namely the one in which National Experts will become trainers in their countries.

Furthermore due to its national reference BSL4 facility, CLIMBIV also holds a role of Technical Body delivering the Bio-Risk Management Module (Module 3) to Nes coming from areas other than SEA and hosting National Experts from all countries involved in Milan in the occasion of the Second In-presence Course and Training.