CBRNe Summit 2015

25th-27th February 2015
Rome, Italy


CBRNe Summit will provide attendees with an overview of the key CBRNe threats that are being faced across the globe. The main event focus will be on the threat intelligence of a CBRNe attack on a city, airport, train station, shopping mall, power grid, nuclear plant etc. There will also be presentations on Military-Civil Methodologies, Technologies and Application to a CBRNe and WMD threat.

Once an attack has taken place what forensic procedures are in place from your first responders to work out how the attack was carried out? This is the best way to see how terrorists carried out a certain attack and to be prepared next time which leads to better threat intelligence.

In today’s world the biggest and most anticipated threat is a biological attack as this is a way for terrorists to target a large number of civilians with one virus that can be passed on quickly and efficiently before first responders can provide a countermeasure drug. This event will analyse Medical Intelligence to see what our Health Services can do to be prepared for a biological attack.

This could be done through medical research into potential bio-threats, or even stockpiling key drugs to counter any type of biological outbreak.
The 2015 event is officially supported by the NATO JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence, NATO EOD Centre of Excellence, Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defence (OSDIFE), University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and the University of the Republic of San Marino.

For further information info@intelligence-sec.com or +44 (0)1582 346 706

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