We are really glad to announce that, after two years of work, the ENDORSE Project has officially ended.

The project, funded by the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) and WHO-TDR, has been implemented by the University of Milan with the important collaboration of three partners, i.e. St Mary’s Hospital Lacor, L. Sacco University Hospital and Kimmage Development Studies Centre.

To achieve the purpose of the project, which was to create and consolidate individual and institutional preparedness to respond to infectious disease outbreaks resulting in health emergencies at the regional and district level in Northern Uganda Region, the activities have been divided into six specific Work Packages (WPs).

In the framework of the first three WPs, the actions focused on the exploration of the existing capacities and the training needs of the healthcare professionals (clinical and laboratory staff) in order to develop a needs-based and tailored training model in the target Region. The idea was to strengthen the capacity building of the stakeholders by testing a sustainable Train-the-Trainer (TtT) model in three main topics: epidemic preparedness, biosafety and personal protection from infectious agent (focus on viral hemorrhagic fevers).

In the framework of TtT Phase-1, once the TtT model had been set, 19 health workers from 9 Associate Hospitals of Northern Uganda were identified based on their awareness/motivation with regard to the safety of health workers as well as on their potential to cascade the acquired knowledge in the future. Through theoretical sessions, group works, exercises and practical sessions, the trainees acquired knowledge and competences that they would able to transfer to their colleagues in the subsequent phase of the project.

The recently trained workers became, thereby, the protagonists of Phase-2, which took place in their respective workplaces, namely: Kitgum General Hospital, Pope John XIII Hospital of Atapara, St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum, Gulu Independent Hospital, Gulu Military Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Lacor Anaka General Hospital, Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital.

These training sessions saw the participation of 144 health workers, which were selected in close coordination with the hospital administrations. The lectures, the group reflections and exercises, with the trainers of Phase-1 as main facilitators, were chosen on the basis of the specific needs of the different institutions.

The ENDORSE Project has been successfully concluded thanks to the high motivation and commitment of all the stakeholders involved. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our partners for the significant contribution in this important project.

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