EDCTP ENDORSE T-t-T Phase 2 implemented at Kitgum General Hospital

ENDORSE Train the Trainers (T-t-T) Phase 2 training course took place successfully between 17 to 19th of July 2017 Kitgum General Hospital under the auspices of the hospital administration, thanks to the devotion of the trainers and the productive interaction of the participants.  The training course was implemented for the benefit of 13 pre-selected participants, who are clinical and laboratory personnel of the hospital and delivered by ENDORSE T-t-T Phase 1 alumni.

The course was a good opportunity for participants to develop new skills and improve their knowledge at their field of work. Thanks to the impact oriented implementation of ENDORSE Project, participants clearly expressed their willingness to continue this training course to benefit not only their colleagues at the hospital but in the lower facilities of the district as well that will ensure the cascade effect of the Project in the region.

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