IFBA’s professional certification- Exam Session

We are really glad to announce that date for the IFBA’s Professional Certification in Biorisk Management Examination has been set. It will be held on Thursday 14th March 2018, at Luigi Sacco University Hospital in Milan (from 1.30pm to 4pm).

The important collaboration with the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) allows us, for the second consecutive year, to host the examination session during the Laboratory Biosafety Training Course 2019, a five-day hands-on training course focused on Biosafety and Biosecurity.

Furthermore, starting this year, it will be possible for those professionals who already own the IFBA Biorisk Management certification, to sit for the advanced certifications in:

– Biological Waste Management

– Biocontainment Facility Design, Operations & Maintenance

– Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation and Safe Use

– Biosecurity

The opportunity to take the exam is open to the participants of the Laboratory Biosafety Training Course, but also to students, professionals or experts that would like to obtain the certification independently.
If you would like to have more details about the exam, please visit the dedicated section of our website: http://climvib.eu/biosafety-training-2019/ 
If you are interested to sign in for the certification exam or for any additional information related to the IFBA Certification as well as to the Laboratory Biosafety Training Course, do not hesitate to contact us to the following email address: info@climvib.eu.

We would be happy to answer all your requests!

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