Project READy

We are pleased to announce that the project READy – Network REgionAle for the development of Diagnostic methods in rapid response to emerging epidemics and bio-emergencies, funded by the Lombardy Region – has officially started.

READy creates a scientific network of excellence dedicated to the development of technological platforms for a rapid response to bio-emergencies, with specific attention to emerging tropical diseases on the regional and Italian territory due to the increase of tourists and migratory flows as well as climate changes that increase the proliferation of “natural” vectors such as mosquitoes. The network is made up of three industrial companies in Lombardy (Dia.Pro., PRIMM, HTA), two research institutes (ICRM-CNR, INGM), three academic partners (University of Milan, University of Milan Bicocca, Polytechnic of Milan) and ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco – PO Sacco.

READy aims to develop and produce new adaptable and modular diagnostic solutions for emerging diseases. These can manifest as viral and parasitic diseases due to the increase of migratory flows, as a result of climate change and the tendency of Mediterranean countries to the indigenous transmission of viruses and non-endemic parasites.

READy integrates the discovery, design and production of bioreactors with kits and analytical platforms, in order to provide a picture of the epidemiological situation regarding the spread of infection of the following pathogens: Trypanosoma cruzi, Plasmodium spp, Schistosoma spp, Dengue virus, Chikungunya virus and Zika virus. The goal is to obtain a correct and appropriate diagnosis of tropical diseases, so as to ensure the best assistance, limit the spread of infections and prevent them from becoming endemic.

The partners will integrate advanced biochemical methods for the strategy and production of new molecular probes with an advanced engineering development of analytical devices in microchip format, with the purpose of generating products with a high innovative content in the field of diagnostics.

READy will also offer to biotechnological companies in Lombardy strong competitive advantages in the scenario of South America and South East Asia, where diseases like malaria, Zika and Dengue are endemic.

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