EU CBRN CoE – Fact-finding Missions – Cambodia

Our experts involved in the first round of fact-finding missions that are taking place in the framework of EU CBRN CoE Project 46 “Enhancement of CBRN capacities of South-East Asia in addressing CBRN risk mitigation concerning CBRN first response, biosafety and biosecurity, awareness raising and legal framework” are again abroad. This time, indeed, our team of expert will visit, from 2nd to 5th February 2016, the Kingdom of Cambodia. In its capacity as member of the Project 46 consortium, CLIMVIB is taking part also in this third mission scheduled in the project program.

This first round of missions will allow all the experts involved in each component of Project 46 to get a clearer idea of the CBRN risk mitigation context in each country. Experts will have the possibility of visiting the most important facilities and collecting data in order to elaborate steps to be taken to achieve project objectives by means of country-tailored action.

Sure of the success of these and future missions, we wish the team a safe trip and a fruitful mission!

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